Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Are they real bones? 

A. Yes, They are real bones from cows that live a very happy humane life on an open farm. 


Q.  Do you kill them for the bones?     

A. No. Our bones come direct from a Certified Humane Farm in Indonesia. This means animals are never kept in cages, crates, or tie stalls. Animals must be free to do what comes naturally from birth to death. 

Q.  How big/heavy are they?

A. Most of these cow skulls are from 4-6lbs 

  • Length (without horns): approx. 18'' - 46cm
  • Length (including horns): approx. 24'' - 61cm
  • Width (from horn tip to tip): approx. 25'' - 63.5c. 

Each of these skulls will come with heavy duty wire hanger attached for hanging.


Q.  Are the horns removable?

A. Yes, All the skulls sold with horns can be removed from a different look. The horns make a great decorative piece alone as well.


Q.  Do you do custom orders with colors and stones of my choosing?

A. Yes! I love doing custom orders for people who want a certain energy, stones, and colors. Please go to my Custom Order page and tell me what you have in mind.


Q.  Do you ship internationally?

A. Yes. Although some countries do not allow bones to be mailed. If you aren't sure if your country allows bones please contact me I will be happy to give you that information.