About Us

༶ Divine Bovine believes there is energy in everything. These pieces not only transmit positive energy, but it also symbolizes life after death 𓁿 Skulls certainly symbolize death which initially creates a reminder to live life to the fullest and as present as possible. But when we look closer at these skulls, it gives a sure sense that life does live on.
                                                         ༓ Energy lives on ༓                                                          
              ༺༶   ༶   ༶   ༶   ༶   ༶   ༶   ༶   ༶   ༶   ༶  ༶   ༶   ༶   ༶   ༶   ༶   ༶   ༶   ༶   ༶   ༶  ༶  ༶༻

༶The tradition of bone carving goes back centuries where our ancestors hunted these animals and not a single part of these animals was wasted. Each and every animal on this planet does its part and has a life we should honor. ༶ Without animals, we as a civilization would not be where we are today. These carvings create a beautiful canvas for positively charged crystals and gemstones ༶
𓁿 Every piece is blessed and cleansed before it's sent off to its new home to ensure radiant positive energy 𓁿
  "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations." -Nikola Tesla