The Artist

Natalie Tyrell was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Growing up she was surrounded by a family of artists and creatives alike going back generations. She was heavily influenced by her great grandmother who was a gifted painter and ceramist. Memories of exploring her art studio as a young child made a life long impression. Her interest in the arts was also fueled by an aunt who still dedicates her life to teaching. Spending a great deal of time outdoors, she developed a deep love for all things Mother Nature has to offer. Her connection with the wilderness gave way to a fascination in geology and the history behind the relationship of humans and gemstones. 
Believing that everything we know is energy, she uses gemstones and crystals to harness pleasing vibrations from the universe and transfer them through her art.
Divine Bovine is Dedicated to Aunt Tami & Grandma Wiscomb